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CD: Atlantic/WEA 3984 27221-2 (DE) / MC: Atlantic/WEA 3984 27221-4 (FR)

01/02/2019 (remaster)
CD: Atlantic 603497854226 / 2 LP: Atlantic 603497854219


01 Sussudio

02 That's All
03 Invisible Touch
04 Hold On My Heart
05 Chips & Salsa
06 I Don't Care Anymore
07 Milestones
08 Against All Odds
09 Pick Up The Pieces
10 The Los Endos Suite

Double LP (remaster 2019)

Disc 1 / Side A

01 Sussudio

02 That's All
03 Invisible Touch

Disc 1 / Side B

04 Chips & Salsa
05 Hold On My Heart
06 I Don't Care Anymore

Disc 2 / Side C

07 Milestones

08 Against All Odds

Disc 2 / Side D

09 Pick Up The Pieces

10 The Los Endos Suite

Enregistré au Grand Rex à Paris le 21 juillet 1998.

Musicians :

Saxophones :
Matt James : alto saxophone / woodwinds
Larry James : tenor saxophone / woodwinds
Chris Collins : tenor saxophone / woodwinds
Ian Nevins : tenor saxophone / woodwinds
Kevin Sheehan : baritone saxophone / woodwinds

Trombones :
Arturo Velasco : trombone
Scott Bliege : trombone
Mark Bettcher : trombone
Antonio Garcia : bass trombone

Trumpets :
Daniel Fornero : trumpet / flugelhorn
Harry Kim : Musical director, trumpet / flugelhorn
Tito Carrillo : trumpet / flugelhorn
Alan Hood : trumpet / flugelhorn
Ron Modell : trumpet / flugelhorn

Rhythm section :
Phil Collins : drums, vocals
Brad Cole : keyboards

Daryl Stuermer : guitar
Doug Richeson : bass
Luis Conte : percussion
Oleta Adams : piano, vocals

Produced by Don Murray and Daryl Stuermer
Overseen by Phil Collins
Mixed by Don Murray at Capitol Studios LA
Assistant engineers: Pete Doell and Dann Thompson at Ocean Wat Studios L.A
Assistant engineer: Greg Burns
Live recording engineers: Mauricio Guerrero and Christophe Suchet
Recorded by Dinemec Mobile Studio
Mastered by Don Murray and Robert Vasgien at Capitol Mastering
Cover design: Wherefore Art?
Illustration: Sian Rance

Note :
""It was 1966 when I first heard the Buddy Rich Swinging New Big Band. All the other things I was listening to at the time had to move over and make room for this wonerful noise I had discovered. I went searching for more and discovered Count Basie with Sonny Payne, Harold Jones and Jo Jones... then Duke Ellington and so many more. I decided that, one day, I'd have to have a go myseflf and form my own big band.
Thirty years later I did it. In 1996 I toured Europe with Quincy Jones conducting and Tony Bennett as our guest vocalist and my band. I was in Heaven.
Having dived in, I couldn't wait to do it again. In 1998 I took the band out again and toured the USA and Europe. We recorded some shows and the result is here to listen to. For me it's a labour of love. I'm back where I belong, behind the drums, playing music I'm proud of with some wonderful musicians. I hope it moves you as it does me. If it does, come and see us sometime."
Phil Collins"


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