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Genesis > From Genesis To Revelation     Genesis > Trespass     Genesis > Nursery Cryme     Genesis > Foxtrot     Genesis > Genesis Live

Genesis > Selling England By The Pound     Genesis > The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway     Genesis > A Trick Of The Tail     Genesis > Wind & Wuthering     Genesis > Seconds Out

Genesis > ...And Then There Were Three     Genesis > Duke     Genesis > Abacab     Genesis > Three Sides Live     Genesis > Genesis

Genesis > Invisible Touch     Genesis > We Can't Dance     Genesis > The Way We Walk Volume One : The Shorts     Genesis > The Way We Walk Volume Two : The Longs     Genesis > ...Calling All Stations...

Genesis > Archive 1967-75     Genesis > Turn It On Again - The Hits     Genesis > Archive #2 1976-1992     Genesis > Platinum Collection      Genesis > 1976-1982

Genesis > 1983-1998     Genesis > Encore Series     Genesis > Live Over Europe     Genesis > 1970-1975     Genesis > Live 1973-2007

Genesis > R-Kive

From Genesis To Revelation (*)
Trespass (*)
Nursery Cryme
Genesis Live
Selling England By The Pound
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
A Trick Of The Tail
Wind & Wuthering
Seconds Out
...And Then There Were Three...
Three Sides Live
Invisible Touch
We Can't Dance
The Way We Walk Volume One : The Shorts
The Way We Walk Volume Two : The Longs
...Calling All Stations... (*)
Archive 1967-75
Turn It On Again - The Hits
Archive # 2 1976-1992
Platinum Collection
Box #1 - 1976-1982
Box #2 - 1983-1998
Encore Series
Live Over Europe 2007
Box #3 - 1970-1975
Live Box Set 1973-2007

Autres albums

Presenting Genesis
Genesis Collection Volume One
Genesis Collection Volume Two
Reflection - Rock Theatre
Genesis In Concert - Los Melhores Momentos Da Temporada No Brasil
The Best...Genesis
The Story Of Genesis
Nursery Cryme/Foxtrot
Genesis Boxed Set
Genesis Boxed
2 Great Pop Classics
Turn It On Again - Best Of 81-83
The Greatest
14 From Our Past



The Silent Sun (*)

A Winter's Tale (*)
In The Beginning (*)
Where The Sour Turns To Sweet


Looking For Someone (*)
White Mountain / Visions Of Angels (*)
The Knife (*)
Happy The Man
Watchers Of The Skies
Twilight Alehouse
I Know What I Like

Counting Out Time
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
The Carpet Crawlers


A Trick Of The Tail

Los Endos

Your Own Special Way
Spot The Pigeon EP


Follow You Follow Me

Many Too Many
Go West Young Man (Deep In The Motherlode)


Turn It On Again




Keep It Dark
No Reply At All
Man On The Corner
3X3 EP
Turn It On Again (Live)



That's All
Illegal Alien
Home By The Sea
Taking It All Too Hard


Invisible Touch

In Too Deep
Throwing It All Away

Land Of Confusion
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight


No Son Of Mine

I Can't Dance
Hold On My Heart
Jesus He Knows Me
Never A Time
Invisible Touch (Live)
Tell Me Why


Congo (*)

Shipwrecked (*)
Not About Us (*)
The Carpet Crawlers 1999


Inédits et titres divers

(*) Sans Phil Collins
Phil Collins rejoint Genesis en août 1970 et enregistre son premier disque avec le groupe, Nursery Cryme, en août 1971. En avril 1996, il annonce son départ officiel du groupe qui enregistre en 1997 l'album Calling All Stations avec le chanteur Ray Wilson. Phil Collins retrouve Genesis en 2007 pour l'ultime tournée Turn It On Again - The Tour.

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