Brand X > Morrocan Roll

Brand X > Moroccan Roll


UK Charisma CAS 1126 LP
US Passport UB 9822 LP
UK Virgin CASCD 1126 CD

01 Sun In The Night (Goodsall)
02 Why Should I Lend You Mine (When You've Broken Yours Off Already)
... into Maybe I'll Lend You Mine After All (Collins)
03 Hate Zone (Goodsall)
04 Collapsar (Lumley)
05 Disco Suicide (Lumley)
06 Orbits (Jones)
07 Malaga Virgen (Jones)
08 Macrocosm (Goodsall)

John Goodsall : guitars, backing vocals
Percy Jones : basses, autoharp
Robin Lumley : keyboards, backing vocals
Phil Collins : drums, lead vocals, acoustic piano
Morris Pert : percussion

Produced by Dennis MacKay and Brand X
Engineered by Steve Tayler
Recorded at Trident Studios, London Dec. 1976 / Jan. 1977
Mixed at Morgan Studios, London Feb. 1977

Phil Collins-Fr /